About Me

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currently, a LMFT at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Chemical Dependency Services

MFT Intern at Support Our Students in Santa Rosa, CA. Worked at different sites for this non-profit. Worked at Sonoma County’s Mobile Support Team doing brief assessments with law enforcement. Worked at Head Waters Academy as a psychotherapist for adolescents on probation with substance use issues

MFT trainee at the Community Counseling Clinic at Sonoma State University.


Prior to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist, Sadie was a high school education specialist for five years. She has two teaching credentials to teach students with Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe learning disabilities. It was in her work as a teacher that she discovered her love for family work. She found herself wanting to connect with her students a lot more than wanting to teach to the teaching standards. Sadie is very familiar with IEPs, 504 plans and academic testing for learning disabilities.

Sadie identified  a need for parents of adolescents and decided to go back to school and earn her Masters in Counseling in order to learn skills to teach parents and teens how to improve their relationship. It was in her graduate work that she discovered her passion for working with trauma survivors.

Her experience involves various trainings around trauma treatment, substance use treatment, harm reduction treatment, family therapy and couples therapy. Most recently, she has done extensive research on how to incorporate health and fitness for people interested in using mobility to metabolize trauma and obstacles. She is EMDR certified and has been practicing EMDR for close to two years now. She is also A.C.T certified.

Sadie is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Her cultural sensitivity allows clients to feel safe in their treatment with her.